The History of the Kundo Clock

A trade name for the Kieninger and Obergfell Company, Kundo is almost run like a different company. The name was spanned using the first letters of the names of the manufacturers K for Kieninger and then ‘und’ meaning and, and O for Obergfell. The name was reengineered in 1918 and used for the production of all types of clocks including the anniversary (400 day) clocks from 1923. These are what they are generally known for, and although they launched an electric clock later in their career, the anniversary clock is the item that has stuck with individuals and become the popular Kundo Clock item. The Kundo clock comes in many different types and models, and many individuals like how they run silently and dependably. One of […]

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Maintaining Kundo Clocks

If you have a Kundo clock that has been broken, there are many different individuals who repair them. Although this is the best way to repair your clock, it might save you money in the long run to repair it yourself. When repairing your Kundo clock, make sure that the mainspring is unwound and the movement is taken apart. Take the mainspring out of the barrel, and remove the ratchet, barrel, gears and other parts and inspect them for damage. Even if they aren’t damaged, it might be beneficial to clean them and have any damaged parts repaired. Any rough of pitted pivots need to be polished and any gears that are rusty or dirty also need to be polished. Clean the pivot holes with pegwood. […]

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